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Transform your floors with our powerful streak-free floor cleaner. Specifically formulated to tackle dirt, grime, and stubborn stains, this highly effective cleaner leaves your floors looking spotless and revitalized.

Suitable for various flooring surfaces, it effortlessly removes dirt and build-up, revealing the natural beauty of your floors.

Simplify your cleaning routine and achieve flawless floors with our trusted floor cleaner, providing you with a pristine and welcoming environment to enjoy every day.

Directions: Dilute 2 capfuls or 20ml of floor cleaner to a bucket of hot water. Wash floor as usual. 

Suitable for all hard floor surfaces

Size: 1ltr bottle or Pouch

*Please note: We are in the process of changing our packaging over to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. As we roll out our new 100% recyclable pouches, we will be clearing out our old packaging, so you may receive a bottle OR pouch in your order. This product is exactly the same, just the packaging difference.

100% biodegradable, Pet Safe, Septic Safe, Caustic soda free. Non Residual.

Vegan - Not Tested on Animals

Ingredients ILA8, AOS, ALS, CDE80, Preservative, Fragrance 

Do not use on carpets, or any other surface than this product is recommended for. This product is for HARD FLOOR SURFACES only. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 181 reviews
Michelle P.

Gave some floor cleaner as gifts & everyone loves the no streak result you get & the fragrance is wonderful thank you from all of us using this great product

Shanelle Scott
Love it

My mum loves it and uses it to mop the floors. Makes the house smell so good

Jodie Myers
House smells amazing

Absolutely love this and even better that it’s Australian product

Marlene Murphy
Antibacterial floor cleaner Musk sticks

Very happy with this floor cleaner. Nice musk stick fragrance.

Tahlia H.
Leaves such a nice smell

I love the smell it leaves, not too subtle but not too strong either. I will be buying different scents to try them out too